Monday, October 29, 2012

story story =)

Peace upon to all of you ;)

I'm in a good condition after yesterday and today's incident. hahah xD but, I don't even expect for being in a tough condition for 2 days in a row. But still, I'm proud of myself because I'd over it already =) so nicee =D

what's going on right now? Actually for this week, I'm really busy and yet, I still can blogging? hahah xD
ssssshhhh, can't let my parent know =P hahah ! I've got 2 test, 2 quiz for this week. All the best for me ! =)

Instead of study, I re-read my friend's old post in her blog. She's sometimes one of my inspirations actually. I really like her, although we are not close tho. But still, she's really a tough person. =) Her name? hahah =P can't tell you guys, as she also don't know about it. heh, don't call me a stalker k..  >.<

Rite now, I'm happy with my uni life =) but I'm really nervous when presentation time. I think I need to improve my loudness while speaking. ahh, but so why am I sooooooo nervous ?? -.- but really happy although only 1 presentation done. =)


ahhh, calculus assignment!!! need to finish it before Friday.. =')

I miss my bestie damn much =') when can we meet up?

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