Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hye & Assalamualaikum,

hmmm, pernah dengar kan shout ? tk pernah dgr? yeke tk pernah dgr? tipu ni.. tipuuu.. hahaha :P
bagi yg tk pernah dgr, ni mcm cbox jugak...

sila klik utk pembesaran :)

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Newly template

Assalamualaikum ;)

How are you today? I hope you are fine as usual :)
btw, do you notice any different in this blog? hehe :3 I've change to new template..
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well, you guys interested? go get one too :) tee-hee

Monday, October 29, 2012

love story? ahaks =P


wah wah wah... love story? ahakkss... kalau la membe aku tau aku post pasal ni, tk pasal-pasal kena bahan, lagi-lagi dgn ex-roommate time matrik dulu haha xD

diikutkan sejarah, I'd never couple. tk percaya ke? terpulang .. tiada paksaan k heheh =P setakat teman tp mesra tu adolaa =)) hik3.. aku selalu gak baca pasal love story membe-membe kat blog diorg.. ada yg siap bg tips kemain lg hahahaha =P and aku baca, and aku more to type yg selalu stay away if terlibat dlm bnda ni.. hahaha xD

kau ni anti lelaki ke hape??

eh, tak takkk.. agak laa.. tp dulu pernah la sekali, time form 4 jee.. haha.. ada la insiden yg menyebabkan benda tu berlaku, but siapa bole survive life ni tanpa kewujudan opposite sex kan? =) baik ngaku!! tipu dosa wekk haha =P

nak kata aku fobia, aku tk pernah try pun.. so, apa-apa hal pun, let's be friend only. I do appreciate friendship more than love =) don't know why, but I just like to remain friend. Secara history nya la kan, aku byk la gak lost contact with this person bla bla bla sbb aku tk minat benda alah ni. hahaha.. sometimes, ada case mana diorg mcm desperate sgt sampai ada 2nd-3rd choices hahaha ? err, that's gross man ewwwwww.

but being in a relationship's sometimes good, but it's still bad.. haha.. <--- apa aku merepek ni??!! >.<
korang mmg akan jadi lebih matang dan lebih memahami perasaan org lain.. but sometimes ada yg gila btul py childish yg eeeeeiii.. -.- (teka sendiri la ye)

haha.. well, tu je kut. nk tau my first crush? deiii, malu la deiii .. hahah, when I'm in standard 5, I think. hahah, sooo damn funny. yet, silly friend =)

k, I think that's all for today =) but seriously, I'm now more to text lesser, talk lesser in the phone. and yess, I like to put my hp everywhere... and sometimes just let my phone off .. hahah =P only when the battery's die! Don't be mad, k... I already do my explanation here =)

Toodles peep ! =)

story story =)

Peace upon to all of you ;)

I'm in a good condition after yesterday and today's incident. hahah xD but, I don't even expect for being in a tough condition for 2 days in a row. But still, I'm proud of myself because I'd over it already =) so nicee =D

what's going on right now? Actually for this week, I'm really busy and yet, I still can blogging? hahah xD
ssssshhhh, can't let my parent know =P hahah ! I've got 2 test, 2 quiz for this week. All the best for me ! =)

Instead of study, I re-read my friend's old post in her blog. She's sometimes one of my inspirations actually. I really like her, although we are not close tho. But still, she's really a tough person. =) Her name? hahah =P can't tell you guys, as she also don't know about it. heh, don't call me a stalker k..  >.<

Rite now, I'm happy with my uni life =) but I'm really nervous when presentation time. I think I need to improve my loudness while speaking. ahh, but so why am I sooooooo nervous ?? -.- but really happy although only 1 presentation done. =)


ahhh, calculus assignment!!! need to finish it before Friday.. =')

I miss my bestie damn much =') when can we meet up?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A bit confuse.

Assalamualaikum peeps ,

How are you guys today? Well, I'm gonna talk a lot of stuff. There's something - thing ... ? that appear in my mind. okay, for the first one, macam mana nk bezakan hipokrit dan menjaga hati seseorang? I'm little bit confuse about them. My friend and I, we do have an arguement about that, but in the end, we still have no answer to differentiate it. hmm,agak pelik laa, it still have no answer =(

now, I'm gonna talk about trust. It must be very very very painful if the person who you trust the most betray you? ahh, I don't feel likee to continue about this topic ... it's really painful.. hmm ... just be careful kay =)


the last one, unforgettable person and memories. ahh, I hate this part the most. =(
  haha, what a sad post I'm doing right now .... talk to you later, bye =')



 I guess I just need to .... =)



Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ohh, my 2nd post, in a same day hehe =P
hmm, immature? who's being immature? ME? hahah, sometimes only..
well, you guys lied if you reply like this ,

"me being immature? so-not-true!!!"

hahah, that's a total lie. Being playful's also an immature attitude you know? There's no way any earth-ing are just being serious all the time, like a robot!! >.<
well, I got some friends who called me 'budak'. hahahaha... I'm only being like that to only that 'some' friend, hahaha xD and some are not, but they still called me that. =( me so upset, hahahaha xD

but well, sometimes I've to admit that I'm being soooooo childish hahahah xD I'd a reason for it okaaaay..
I told myself that if I'm already >20 y.o it must be ashamed if ppl looking at me acted like a child. When we already bored to acted like a child, then we just act just like normally according to age. I don't what's you guys opinion.. but that's me =)

hmmm, well, i think I'm done over here. Toodles =)

A new start.

Hye peeps ! What's up?

Hmm, what I', gonna write about... yep, a new start. What's mean by that? Are you guys curious? hehe =)
Actually, I remove my old blog because of personal reasons. Sorry guys, can't share about it here.. Well, I hope I'm prepared to face the challenges in this memorable life hehe =3

That's all for my first post in this newly blog =)
See ya !