Friday, September 11, 2015

New semester, a fresh start ;)

Assalamualaikum peeps,

Hai, sekarang dah September, means semester baru bermula sudah bermula. New sem, new place to rest. Hmm, meaning that right now I'm staying in rental house. Luckily rayuan kolej I dapat, syukur alhamdulillah :) 

Hmm, dah final year ni makin busy la kan. First week da terus dapat assignment, like wow! *clapclap terima kasih dkt lecturer sbb memahami yg ktorg bakal busy so sbb tu dia trus bg assignment. Hahaha, ikhlas tau ayat tu. *k, ad sikit tipu kt situ.. feeling half-half sbb trus dpt assignment. 

Apapun, I wish I could survive this sem better that last, last sem where I suffered a lot, especially last semester. I do suffering a lot last sem, and yeah, I keep it to myself. Well, it's process of growing up, right? It really hurts so much ad I don't even know what to do, who to refer, etc. Hmm, past is past, right? I'll just take the lesson and move on. *Yeah, u go girl! <3

Btw, I do want to share what I do in my semester break, but I do feel lazy to edit the post,, so it ends like that hehe, sorry peeps :} Recently, I like Big Bang's song. I totally like their emotional song, such as Blue and recently Loser & Let's Not Fall In Love. It's really nice to hear especially the part Top sung. I like his voice haha :3 

I think thats the end of this post. *I write it based on my mood

We do not remember days, we remembermoments. - Cesare Pavese