Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

memories that can't never be forget


hye uolls. well, contest yg i join sblum ni : my lucky number is 374 haha. well, just forget it, i'm not in a stable mood anymore whenever those memories coming back n playing in my head right now.

actually, when i woke up this morning, suddenly i'm thinking about.. "i can't forget all those memories, it's impossible for me to do it. but i can just keep it deep inside of my heart" i'm thinking like that, so i wonder why i'm saying like that. maybe because i read these statement before i went to sleep last night?

"u can't never forget someone or memories. you can't. but if you found a new person or another good memories, you will just simply forget about it. you can nerver forget it, but you can just cure by finding a new one"

heh. what a statement huh. it makes me thinking so deeply. i just think that i should have come to my maturity of age. as i'm always act like a kid. hmmm.. but it does take time for me to change.  yeah, all the best for me.

love, xo

p/s : i don't know what pict i should put in this post. so ..

i'll positively looking forward, and never turning back. InsyaAllah ;)