Sunday, August 7, 2016

Time's change

Peace upon uolls 

It's 2016, and it's my first post wow :O
It's been so long since I write up in this blog...

Just want to look back at how I started blogging,
How I always changing my URL website,
It looks like I'm no longer interested in blogging.

Since 2008 I think, when I started to blog,
I write about my excitement when hanging out with my friends,
My problem or something that I feel better once I wrote it down,
I feel refreshed when I remember the younger me when I first started to blog.

I started due to my friend, and I encouraged my other friend to start blogging too...
Since I always saw the news hacker everywhere, so I started to shut down my old blog and start a fresh,
Just thinking, "I've never been hacked, why I bother to make a new one?'
The 'me' before was so complicated and really cautious in privacy stuff, "me think"

Time change, where there is Instagram, Snapchat , where you can share pictures or video when you are having fun, hanging out, without writing a paragraph about what are you doing.

So my point is that, blogging is no longer popular as many people interested in new apps. But, to those who is still blogging, I do respect you. But in a bright side, blogging does help in your writing improvement,

I guess this is goodbye for now. I just had some time to update as life got harder, busier as you grow up.

Be strong and good luck in your future life.