Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's been a week!

Last photoshoot with my lost phone :(

Hi. It's been a week!! A week past since I started to losed my phone. Its a Lenovo phone model S860. For those who don't know about it, here's the picture :

Source :

Because of the red casing as in first picture, it's hard to keep it in the pocket as the casing makes the phone looks bigger from it's width. I've already registered IMEI number of the phone to This phone have two IMEI because of it's having dual sim. I started to lost it in Tunas Mart, Jln Gambang. For those who have any information about it, do contact me. Thank you.

As a precaution step to all of you, do install anti-theft in your phone or activate your android device manager. You might regret later for not doing so. My situation is bad because the lost phone can't be detecting any GPS location as I don't really explore with it because I just bought it. It's a sad thing as the fate of my phone and I are not long. For now, I can keep praying so that I can found my lost phone again. Hopefully. Good luck for me then.

Goodbye February. Hye March! Please treat me better ;)