Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lots of story to tell!


Hey guys! How are you? I hope you're doing well :)

Ok, now I'm officially 20 already.  hm. A bit sad cause I'm already becoming an adult. haha. What a weird statement. haha.. I should say Alhamdulillah instead. Sorry. I'm really grateful for this blessing life =)

Back to the topic, this entry will talk about my sem 3 in ump and my sem breaks hehe. So, just see the pictures below k ;

 This when I work in cybercafe nearby... Sorry for the blurry picture, my brother ... hm, I don't even know how to explain it.. so, just skip it haha :P

us four in cybercafe :P

meet k.nad she's studying in ump too :3

Next is with whom I spending time with ..
1st with my schoolmates of course hehe.. 
I've upload pictures w. em before. It really shows how they're one of my favorite to hang out with :P
oppss, to the people out there, if you're one of my close friend too, I'm sorry if I didn't meeting w. you, we'll meet up soon okay :) we need to do the arrangement quickly hehe.

classmates. semua kepala gila2 n sengal exclude me haha :P

Oh ya, after hang out w. em till night, Mea accompany me to my house.. so.. tadaaa.. the next morning,

meaaaa in the house :3

our birthday cake. thank you to umi for baking it for us :*

then, we plan to met zahidah as her house's nearby ..

yeah right. meet zahidah aka amoi cina comel hehe

forgot to mention, I've met Qash once in her house time Eid celebration :3

she told me I'm the only classmate who came sob sob :( where are you guys :P

wowowowo, I ask my brother to do this haha :P

thank you budak kecik :3

I think that's the end for my super sem break. :'( till meet again ..

K, for UMP, haha, we're always ready for any event :D

listening to OSH career talk & in MIS class :)

hudaaa aka bunga anggerik heheh :3

we're goofing around cause we're cool liddat hahaha

Now outing time! haha.. but there's really no picture as we're too busy to go there n there.. lalalala~

atin, me n hana. while waiting for hudaa :)

peace~ borrowed fathin's spectacles to see whether I'm nerd enough

but I think the above picture's not enough.. now, compare w. this haha


Forget it. Forget it. haha.. My born day's finally come. Thanks to them for celebrating it with me. Love you all xo

hmm.. activities usually university student do especially women. Try to guess? Online shopping? Yup. Definitely right.

we bought half moon shawl together :3

THIS!! u want it? @hiazzlovely in instagram. grab yours now :P

tadaaa... the result of using fish eye lens :3


Meet zati. She's also one of September babies. Happy birthday in advance! :D Wishing u all the best in life.

I think this entry's too long haha. Till then.
Assalamualaikum :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rezeki September :)


alhamdulillah, menang bawal roses dr Random Giveaway by FD

Thank you FD :)

alhamdulillah menang button badge & buku ilmu agama

Thank you cik yaya :)