Saturday, September 20, 2014

Once in a while


I'm in a process of editing my blog, not from design view, it's just about the contain inside it. I just wanna made the blog as simple as it can be. White is the simplest with no background or others, just white. Btw, when I'm scrolling the blog's post of others, I found out there's someone using my old link. I've changed my blog link likes 4-5 time already? Already forgot about it. Haha, but I think I start blogging since I'm 15. Got to go, got quiz on next monday ;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best day ever!!


I'm so happy right now. On this beautiful day, many good thing happens to me. I'm feeling blessed and grateful as well. Can't really described the feeling hereafter. I just wanna smile for today. Indeed today is my birthday. Haha really funny as this is the first time I'm promoting about my birthday haha LOL.

For now, I wanna give a special thanks to several people who make my day. I'm smiling from ear to ear thinking about it. Thank you guys!! I'm really appreciate it so much. Maybe I don't show many affection but deep inside my heart there's flower blooming inside. Ecece, sweet talk huh :D

Not to forget to my fellow members who wishing me as well. Thank youu.. Thank you very much for remembering it. To my new friends, thank you for everything. I don't expect anything but thank youu :)

I love all of you back and forth 


Monday, September 8, 2014

New semester begins!


Guess what! New semester begins now. The study becomes harder and there's no time to waste. In this sem, I made several changes about myself and new environment. I think this is the best way in finding out what I want to. Sometimes a little harsh will do so. I hope I can cope with all of this. Well, some unfortunate thing happened today. I hope to do better the next day and each new day.Goodbye yesterday and passing day. Goodbye. You'll be a good/bad memory then. Don't care anymore. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for what I have. Alhamdulillah. :)