Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ohh, my 2nd post, in a same day hehe =P
hmm, immature? who's being immature? ME? hahah, sometimes only..
well, you guys lied if you reply like this ,

"me being immature? so-not-true!!!"

hahah, that's a total lie. Being playful's also an immature attitude you know? There's no way any earth-ing are just being serious all the time, like a robot!! >.<
well, I got some friends who called me 'budak'. hahahaha... I'm only being like that to only that 'some' friend, hahaha xD and some are not, but they still called me that. =( me so upset, hahahaha xD

but well, sometimes I've to admit that I'm being soooooo childish hahahah xD I'd a reason for it okaaaay..
I told myself that if I'm already >20 y.o it must be ashamed if ppl looking at me acted like a child. When we already bored to acted like a child, then we just act just like normally according to age. I don't what's you guys opinion.. but that's me =)

hmmm, well, i think I'm done over here. Toodles =)

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