Sunday, October 28, 2012

A bit confuse.

Assalamualaikum peeps ,

How are you guys today? Well, I'm gonna talk a lot of stuff. There's something - thing ... ? that appear in my mind. okay, for the first one, macam mana nk bezakan hipokrit dan menjaga hati seseorang? I'm little bit confuse about them. My friend and I, we do have an arguement about that, but in the end, we still have no answer to differentiate it. hmm,agak pelik laa, it still have no answer =(

now, I'm gonna talk about trust. It must be very very very painful if the person who you trust the most betray you? ahh, I don't feel likee to continue about this topic ... it's really painful.. hmm ... just be careful kay =)


the last one, unforgettable person and memories. ahh, I hate this part the most. =(
  haha, what a sad post I'm doing right now .... talk to you later, bye =')



 I guess I just need to .... =)