Friday, May 30, 2014

Just posting


It looks like I'm neglecting this blog. I'm sorry k, for writing at another blog and forget to update here. Well, first of all, my study week is began now. I've a hard time facing this few weeks as there are a lot of commitment to be done. And today, I skipped dinner that I should attend to. I'm too tired for not having enough rest and stress about something. After all, my bestfriend always here, which is the headache. I'm having a terrible headache now and yet I'm still playing with my laptop. Haha. I'm just stubborn enough for not letting my body to have a rest. And it's not my fault as my eyes won't close as the light in my room is still on. yeah, I'm sensitive with the lighting. My eyes was. And I think I should stop writing now. Cause I started to feel dizzy. Bye.

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