Tuesday, June 4, 2013



First of all, I'm sorry for just updating about giveaway. It's just that I've no idea what to blog and just think about my current life once or twice a month. ^^

I found this in FB, where my friend shared about this!

sangat mendalam kan maksud dia? ;)

well, my final exam will start at June 10,2013. I'm seriously not ready yet, and I cannot focus on study. I hope I can scored excellent this sem! Fighting!!! :D

I think I'll not updating my blog till June 12,2013. Or June 17,2013. Well, I finished my exam on June 17, btw. I hope if there're any news you guys'll update me about it :)

Please do pray for my excellent! ;)
Goodluck to the degree people who will encounter their final exam! :D

Best regard from me, xo

p/s : I'm sorry for not replying comments, etc.. Just being busy currently till my final's over.. Really sorry about it :)

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